Infor Process Designer - To Err is Human

'I know there's a proverb which says 'To err is human' but a human error is nothing to what a computer can do if it tries.' - Agatha Christie

From time to time an error will occur in the processing of your flow; for example, if you try to read a file that doesn't exist using a FileAccess you will get an error. What options do you have when that occurs?

Depending upon the type of node and possible error, you have three options in your flow.

1. If you determine that the error is critical to the operation of your flow, you can set it to Stop process and the flow will stop and report out as a Failed WorkUnit.
2. If the error isn't critical - the flow can still accomplish what it's designed to do - then you can set the error handling to Continue process. The flow will move forward in spite of the error and either Notify (send an email with the error) or create a Custom log entry on the WorkUnit.
3. The Go to error handler option allows you to add a new connection from your node to route for special handling. The Error Connection is represented with a red connection.

Regardless of the error handling option you can still set the node to either Notify or create a Custom log entry (or both).

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