ProcessFlow SQL Query JDBC directory path

Lawson's documentation states to install the SQL Server .jar files to the wrong directory.
The correct directory for these files is $GENDIR/bpm/jar and not $GENDIR/bpm/jars.

Lawson is going to correct their documentation but I wanted to post the correction here as well.

ProcessFlow Integrator

I'm just getting started with ProcessFlow Integrator and I like what I see so far.

My client uses a custom employee evaluation program run from a SQL Server 2005 database and wanted to get completed evaluations and bring them into Lawson for the merit increases. Each employee receives a score of 1 - 6 which relates to their merit pay increase percentage (a score of 3 nets a 3% raise).

By using the SQL Query node from ProcessFlow we were able to connect to this external database [a big thanks goes out to John Henley, the Lawson Guru, for his help on setting this up] and create a Personnel Action (PA52) for the pay change.

We had a bit of difficulty in that Lawson doesn't seem to support the JDBC driver for SQL Server 2005 so we had to use the SQL Server 2000 driver, but the driver worked with 2005 so we were still able to get the data we needed.

Another nice utility, the CustomActivity node, allowed us to run the Move WorkUnits to History job so we didn't have to set up the Perl script for this function.