Requisition Line Approvals

In an earlier post I discussed the possibility of making the Inbasket display more user friendly for Requisition Line Approvals. I was thinking this through for my current client (since this is the method they have chosen) when I realized something.

You can set the requisition to approve by line but you don't actually have to push each line to its own WorkUnit. I know it's a radical idea but since Lawson actually creates a single WorkUnit at the header level by default (with the RQCreateLine Service) and expects you to push each line to either a Grants or non-Grants based line level Service, I wondered what would happen if I didn't actually create a seperate WorkUnit for each line.

You still have to enable the line level approval Services, but you don't have to use them. The Inbasket display I created allows the approver to unrelease and reject individual lines (I still send separate RQ13.2 AGS calls) but I can flow the requisition at the header level.

The maintenance is much cleaner in my opinion.