HTML Inbasket Display Permission Denied

If your network security is tight then you may get a "Permission Denied" error when trying to view a display exec file in your ProcessFlow Inbasket.

We were able to resolve this for a couple of clients by adding the Lawson Server URL to the Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer and by checking the "Allow active content to run in files on My Computer" box on the Tools - Advanced Tab.

WorkUnit Messages

Do you want to add or delete messages within the Inbasket display for your WorkUnit?
I personally don't like the System added Mailmsg messages that are created for Personnel Actions and wanted to figure out how to delete them so the user would know that if a message existed that it was added by another user.

Use a WebRun like this to Add or Delete

UPDTACTION=A to add a message
UPDTACTION=D to delete a message [Note the %20 used for spacing]