Get URL Attachment from RQ and add to PO

Ash Gajjar contacted me recently with an interesting question. Could he get the URL for an attachment from a requisition and add that to the purchase order created from that requisition? Of course, I assured him. Now came the matter of how.

I offered Ash a solution with two methods of achieving that solution - use Design Studio when the PO was released to perform a DME on the PO Line Source Record, use the getattachrec.exe CGI to retrieve the URL Attachment, parse that for the actual URL value and then writeattach.exe to add it to the PO.

Ash chose the 2nd method I suggested and is using ProcessFlow to perform this solution. I have an old posting on how to get comments but the values are a little different when you want the URL Attachment instead of a standard comment.

Resource Update to Add New Users

Recently a client asked how to use ProcessFlow Integrator to add new users into Lawson Security from their active directory. I gave them two simple choices - we could use the SQL Query (which would require a JDBC connection to their database) or we could use the DataIterator to read a text file they created from their AD.

They decided the DataIterator would fit their business requirements and are creating a file of new users daily. That just left me to create the ProcessFlow.

I first used a FileAccess node to make sure the file exists and a Branch to connect to the DataIterator if the file is there. The DataIterator reads the line of data (instead of each data element separately) and I use an Assign node to parse out the comma separated values (see my previous post for a similar example).

The next step is the ResourceUpdate to add the users. I was surprised just how much information I could add - like Roles, Email Address, Employee Number, etc.

After looping through all of the records in the CSV text file I used another FileAccess to delete the file and the flow was complete.