Configuration Console Tips

Different ways to use a Boolean Derived Field 

You may want to create a Boolean (true/false) derived field to define your multi-conditional criteria

You can then use the criteria to determine whether or not to display a form section or to display an individual field -

You can also use the criteria to add a field constraint -

You can also use the criteria to restrict an Action - in this case, if the criteria is not true then restrict the Action

Configuration Console Tips

Constraint of values in a field's dropdown list

You can apply a constraint to a field's dropdown so a specific value is hidden on a form.

By applying the constraint as shown, the 'WORKERS COMP' value will not be a valid selection for the user to select (on the form it is applied to), although it is a valid selection in the system.

This type of constraint doesn't include the text you normally apply to an Action or Form constraint.