Automating Supervisor Task setup in ProcessFlow

A question was posted on John Henley's LawsonGuru ProcessFlow Forum related to using the HR Supervisor structure to automate the setting up the the users, tasks and filtering in ProcessFlow administration.

I did this for a client recently so posted a reply on how to update the LSF9 WF forms related to these settings. Here are the values to use in the WebRun nodes for updating each of the forms.

User Proflie Update
Web Program: bpm/xml/
Post String: method=Add&id=UserId&filterCategory=Y

User Task Update:
Web Program: bpm/xml/
Post String: method=Add&id=UserId&task=Supervisor&filterCategory=Y

User Category Update:
Web Program: bpm/xml/
Post String: method=Add&id=UserId&task=Supervisor&workCategory=Supervisor&workCategoryValue=HRSUPER_CODE

(I had to leave off the angle brackets on the variable references)