Approving Requisition by Line with ProcessFlow

My latest client is only my third to decide to approve requisitions through ProcessFlow by line instead of by header. While I like the concept, I don't like all of the WorkUnits (one for the requisition header and then one for each line to be approved).

I only had last week to work with them on developing this flow so I didn't get to test a theory that I'd like to put in place for this process - a process that would be easier for the approver but much more complicated to program.

In concept the approver should be able to view all of the pending lines on the requisition and then select which to approve, which to reject and which to unrelease; all from one Inbasket form.

After selecting the lines to reject or unrelease the Portal Page script would update RQ13.2 and then for the lines being approved the script would trigger ProcessFlow for the next approval level. (You'd have to program the script to require the approval to be done last.)

This way the number of WorkUnits would be greatly minimized as well as the number of UserAction notification emails. Like I said, it would be easier for the approver but more complicated to program.

I'm willing to give it a try - any takers?