Configuration Console Field Mouse Over Text

To add mouse over text to a field follow the syntax below

      mouse over text is "For_Travel_Nurse_\or_Visiting_Resident"

Configuration Console Tips

Different ways to use a Boolean Derived Field 

You may want to create a Boolean (true/false) derived field to define your multi-conditional criteria

You can then use the criteria to determine whether or not to display a form section or to display an individual field -

You can also use the criteria to add a field constraint -

You can also use the criteria to restrict an Action - in this case, if the criteria is not true then restrict the Action

Configuration Console Tips

Constraint of values in a field's dropdown list

You can apply a constraint to a field's dropdown so a specific value is hidden on a form.

By applying the constraint as shown, the 'WORKERS COMP' value will not be a valid selection for the user to select (on the form it is applied to), although it is a valid selection in the system.

This type of constraint doesn't include the text you normally apply to an Action or Form constraint.

Configuration Console Tips

Form Configurations

    single column - fields are presented in a single column
    two column - two fields are presented side by side 
    two column distributed - two fields are presented spaced apart depending upon the width of the fields and form

Add a custom label to a field
    single column
        field name
            label is untranslatable:"Enter_the_label_value"

You can also use 'camel case' so each word is presented in uppercase "EnterTheLabelValue" and the system will automatically add spaces so the display would be Enter The Label Value

Present a field as display only without a label
    field name
        display as text
        no label

Present a field's label in a color or in bold text
    field name
        color of red

Make a field required
    field name

Add a Header to the various sections of the form
    header3 of "ConfidentialityAgreement"
        single column
            field name
            field name
    header3 of "User_Fields_are_Required"
        three column
            user field name
            user field name
            user field name
                label is untranslatable:"DateOfPurchase"

Add Text to the form
    text of "The_following_information_is_helpful"

Add a Blank Line
    blank line
    text of "_"

Do something after a field has been updated
    two column
            when value changed
                EndDate = StartDate + 1 year

Make a field visible when another field has value
    single column
        visible when (StartDate entered)

The 'visible when' control is based upon a 'state' of a system value, a field state or a boolean value (which can be defined is a User Derived Field) and can apply to sections of a form or to individual fields

Make a form section visible when a system value exists
    visible when (BenefitEligible.No)
            single column
                text of "OR"

Infor GHR and ICIMS - Two Approaches to Integration

I have two difference clients using ICIMS for recruiting and integrating with GHR for onboarding new hires, processing rehires and performing transfers and promotions.

One client is processing a nightly pipe delimited file and the other is using API calls and checking hourly for new transaction data. I'm using IPA to process both integrations.

The client using the file integration is running the transactions through a data warehouse first and performing some edit checks and translations there before sending it to GHR.

The client using API calls is also sending Job Requisitions to ICIMS from GHR, once they're approved, and providing other feedback to ICIMS after the new hire is processed (GHR employee number), using API calls.

For this client, we are also retrieving the PDF documents from the candidates in ICIMS (Education, Certifications & Licenses) and attaching them to the Hire a Resource form. These binary data files are processed via API calls and saved first to the PfiFileStorage before being attached to the hire transactions.

Two clients with different approaches, but both successfully integrating ICIMS and Infor GHR.

Not just answers, providing solutions

Where is the problem? Is it a bug?

I've been involved with a lot of implementations and upgrades over the years and I'm certain that every one of them had hit a snag at one point or another. Whether miscommunication, improper training, or technical issues, all of these needed one step to get to the solution - an evaluation of where the problem lived.

Not just what issue are we dealing with, but where is the actual problem?

Is it a bug?

One project I was involved with had major allocation issues in the storeroom. Items were being allocated to orders before the item was even in stock. This appeared to be a major bug that would require escalation to the vendor before the client could go live, and that was the path the project manager was taking to get to a resolution.

I was one of several supply chain consultants, primarily brought in to help with pre-go live training and go live support. In other words, I was just there to help the team cross the finish line.

I don't recall if I was asked or if I just overheard about 'the bug' that was causing frustration, but I decided to look at the system settings.

The flag that allowed allocation on open PO's was set to 'No' correctly, yet the system was allowing it. That made no sense, so I kept digging and eventually found another setting that seemed to be contrary to the no allocation setting.

I don't remember the actual setting now, but I do remember that it seemed to allow for allocations when an item was on order (not yet received) and so I brought my discovery to the project leaders.

Expecting a high five for my doggedness, I was surprised when I was told that my discovery could not be the cause of the issue since the other allocation flag was set to no.

To their credit, however, they did allow me to run through some system tests and I found that this one setting, against all logic, was in fact where the problem lived.

Issue solved, go live saved, bonus awarded (not really). By this point everyone was just ready to get the issue behind them and focus on the important go live.

Not just answers, providing solutions