Creating one requisition for mutilple locations

My client wanted to key a single requisition to cover an order for 60+ locations and asked me to design a way to do this. After reviewing options, we decided to use Attributes (MX00) to create a list (in fact, multiple lists depending on the locations to ship to) of requesting locations.

For testing purposes I created a list named SL001 and then created a requesting location with the same name (SL001). I then created a unique requester 9075X set up to require no approvals (our requester id's follow the pattern of 9075A, 9075B, etc. associated to their department number).

When requester 9075A entered his requisition he first changed the requesting location to SL001 and when the requisition was released, ProcessFlow routed the requisition through the normal approvals until the last approval was done.

A Branch was then used to check for the "SL" location and when found the flow went through a query to read the SL001 list of locations and created individual requisitions matching the original one for each location (using the requester id 9075X).

The original requisition is rejected but a comment is added to the new requisitions created referencing the original "master" requisition and the userid of the approver.