Infor GHR and ICIMS - Two Approaches to Integration

I have two difference clients using ICIMS for recruiting and integrating with GHR for onboarding new hires, processing rehires and performing transfers and promotions.

One client is processing a nightly pipe delimited file and the other is using API calls and checking hourly for new transaction data. I'm using IPA to process both integrations.

The client using the file integration is running the transactions through a data warehouse first and performing some edit checks and translations there before sending it to GHR.

The client using API calls is also sending Job Requisitions to ICIMS from GHR, once they're approved, and providing other feedback to ICIMS after the new hire is processed (GHR employee number), using API calls.

For this client, we are also retrieving the PDF documents from the candidates in ICIMS (Education, Certifications & Licenses) and attaching them to the Hire a Resource form. These binary data files are processed via API calls and saved first to the PfiFileStorage before being attached to the hire transactions.

Two clients with different approaches, but both successfully integrating ICIMS and Infor GHR.

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