Requisition Line Approvals

In an earlier post I discussed the possibility of making the Inbasket display more user friendly for Requisition Line Approvals. I was thinking this through for my current client (since this is the method they have chosen) when I realized something.

You can set the requisition to approve by line but you don't actually have to push each line to its own WorkUnit. I know it's a radical idea but since Lawson actually creates a single WorkUnit at the header level by default (with the RQCreateLine Service) and expects you to push each line to either a Grants or non-Grants based line level Service, I wondered what would happen if I didn't actually create a seperate WorkUnit for each line.

You still have to enable the line level approval Services, but you don't have to use them. The Inbasket display I created allows the approver to unrelease and reject individual lines (I still send separate RQ13.2 AGS calls) but I can flow the requisition at the header level.

The maintenance is much cleaner in my opinion.

DME connection error with user lawson

If you're getting one of those annoying DME connection errors with user lawson when running your flow on the server but it works just fine within PF Designer then I have a possible solution for you (I just discovered this for a client).

If the DME has a SELECT statement with an Escape character (%3D for the = character) then replace it with the normal character.


When I did this my DME call worked on the server.

ProcessFlow Not Triggering

I've been asked several times recently why ProcessFlow isn't triggering so wanted to give some ProcessFlow 101 things to check:

Does the application form WF01 have the LOGAN value in the Collarborative Commerce Productline field? If not, ProcessFlow won't trigger.

Have you enabled all three of the ProcessFlow Administration Service forms?
Service Definition - Service Criteria Level Definition - Service Process Definition.
If not, ProcessFlow won't trigger.

Have you set up the application prerequisites for your approvals?
PA50 Personnel Action - Use Workflow = Y
RQ04 Requester - Requisition Approval Type - Header using Process Flow
AP00.4 Company - Workflow = Y (and so forth)
If not, ProcessFlow won't trigger.

My favorite recent issue - along with the ProcessFlow Solution Packs being installed, was the WFDATA installation also done?
If not, ProcessFlow won't trigger.