ProcessFlow Custom JavaScript Function

In a previous posting I mentioned modifying the pflow.js file in order to add a custom JavaScript function for use within your flow ( but with ProcessFlow Designer 9.x you can now add a JavaScript Function within your flow.

Within the Assign node properties, click the Add JavaScript button and the JavaScript Expression Builder will open allowing you to add your custom function.

Of course the advantage to using pflow.js for your JavaScript functions is that they're available to all of your flows but if you just want a quick custom function then this new feature may be the way to go.

PO Vendor Agreement Notify

Just in case you, like another one of my clients, wants to use this ProcessFlow Service to notify the Agreement Administrator that the PO's released against a Vendor Agreement have exceeded the notification percent on the PO25 setup form - you will need to make sure that ProcessFlow Administration ( has the Form and Form Field Definitions defined for the PO25.1 form.

For some reason, like for the Invoice Approval AP26.1 form, this form definition is missing and this Service won't work without it.

LBI Reporting Admin User/Group Rights

I don't usually post LBI tips but my latest client had an issue with User/Group Rights on a report that bothered me. We set up the Elements, Structures and Rights correctly but when we tried to access the report we got an error saying no rights existed for the user.

What we found (with help from Lawson support) was that the Start Date for the Right had to pre-date the oldest historical instance of the report. We Published a report on the 15th and created the Right (with a start date of the 15th). We had to back date the Right's start date to the 14th for the user to be able to view the report.

By the way, if you Burst a report with a Schedule, all users of that report have to have User/Group Rights set up correctly or the Bursting process won't work. No historical instances will be created and no Email notifications will be sent out.