Email HTML Content

ProcessFlow 9 allows the use HTML Content in the Email node.

That means you can use HTML code to format the look of your email. I decided to test this by creating the HTML code within my MsgBuilder and referencing that in my Email with the HTML Content flag checked.

Number of WorkUnits Displayed

Thanks to Jeff Bolding for bringing this to my attention. If you would like to display more than the standard 10 WorkUnits in your Inbasket you can Add a User Preference value (yes, you have to do this for each user).

You can use always create a flow to Query all of your Users and a WebRun to add this setting to each one:

Web Program: bpm/
Post String: method=Add&id=davidwil&systemName=INBASKET&fieldName=NBRWORKUNITS&description=Number of WorkUnits Displayed&fieldValue=20