Infor Process Designer - I'll Wait for you

When you need to build a pause or delay within your flow, you can use the Wait node.

Set the length of time for the flow to wait by Days, Hours, Minutes or Seconds by either entering direct values or using a variable.

You can set it to Keep Workunit active but doing so will tie up the IPA Grid Node - keeping it active will prevent another WorkUnit from being able to process during this time - and I would advice against doing so unless your wait is for a short time frame.

WARNING - Non persistent variables will be dropped from memory during a Wait. 
Non persistent variables include variables updated using the JavaScript Expression Builder in an Assign node as well as any looping node (Lawson Query, Landmark Transaction, For Each). The record count within a looping node will forget the counter value and not remember where to pick back up once the wait is over.

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