Infor Process Designer - Ready? Start!

Now that we've looked at assigning the Service and default Configuration, we can actually begin at the Start node. This is more than just the kick off point of your flow, this is where you create variables that aren't already included in the WorkUnit trigger.

If your flow is not associated with a Service there will be no variables defined or delivered. You must add them on the Start node.
Click the plus icon in your node Properties. Other options include Edit (Pencil), Delete (X), and move Up or Down in the list.

You must give your Variable a name (beginning with an alpha character), select the Type of variable and then set a beginning Value.

Variable types are Array, Boolean, Date, Double, Integer, Long, String and XML. The beginning value will default to an empty string on the String type or zero for any of the numeric types.

Variable values can be hard coded, JavaScript expressions or pre-built JavaScript functions (you can add your own JavaScript functions so they are globally available).

You can reference previously defined variables to concatenate into your new variable or you can reference Landmark Configuration set global variables (Properties).

To select an existing variable, key [Ctrl] + [Spacebar]. Variable values that are from Landmark Configuration sets are prefixed with _

Even if your flow is associated with a Service, you will find the need to define variables for use within the flow. These types of variables are often referred to as persistent since they will retain their value throughout the processing of the WorkUnit.

You can update your variables using the Assign node. But that's a topic for another day.

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