Infor Process Designer - Here's your Assign Part 1

The Assign node is used to update existing variables used within your flow. Variables must exist before the Assign node can update them - it isn't used to create variables.

Click the plus [+] button on the bottom left of the Properties to update a varible. Other options are pencil for edit, X for delete and up and down arrows to reorder.

We will cover the Add JavaScript Expression option in Here's your Assign Part 2.

Select the existing Variable Name - in this case Company is a String variable and you can enter a hard coded value or refer to another variable or use a Function. When hard coding a String variable, you should enter quotes around your value.
We will cover the Function option in Here's your Assign Part 2.
You can also enter hard coded values for the numeric variable types (Integer, Double, Long), except they would not have quotes. You can perform JavaScript Math equations and refer to existing variables. Enter [Ctrl] + [Spacebar] to view other existing variables.

A Boolean variable type would simply have either a true or false (no quotes) value.

A Date variable type defaults to the JavaScript function for the current date when you create it (on the Start node) but you can change it using an Assign.

Array variable types default to a simple array declaration -
and when updated with an Assign node, you can build out the elements of your array.
When you later want to retrieve a value from your array, you will reference the position of the element, so to get back the first value of your array, use myArray[0]
Stay tuned for Here's your Assign Part 2

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