Infor Process Designer and Figuring out Configurations

Within Landmark, for your data area, there are configuration settings to FTP servers, JDBC connections to databases and other settings used by the Infor Process Designer to develop your solutions.

  The settings that you are allowed to configure and use is dependent upon the type of client you are. For example, multi-tenant clients cannot utilize the SQL nodes or the System Command.

 You get to the menu by selecting Start- Applications - Process Server Administrator - Configurations - System Configuration

Typically you will see two preset Configuration Sets, called main and system. You can add as many as you'd like and give them names that make sense to you. The main configuration is also the default so if you don't select one, the main configuration is what your flow will utilize.

The Properties tab contains global variables values that you can reference within your flow.
You may set up the configurations for an Email server, a File Access, a File Transfer, etc. depending upon the needs of your development.

Since you can only configure one connection type (File Access, File Transfer, etc.), if you need more than one connection type you can simply create a new configuration set and build the connections needed within that configuration.

You can either define your configuration at a global level within the flow's default property setting (the white space between the nodes), or you can select a specific configuration on your node. 

So, the flow overall may use the main (default) configuration set and an FTP node be set to a specific server by selecting that Configuration name within the node properties.

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