User Level Work - proxy approver solution

I was asked recently about how to set up a proxy approver for User Level Work tasks. I had previously provided solutions at the Task Level, but not when a UserAction is designated to a User instead of a Task.

What I would do is to create a special “Out of Office” service and flow. The approver would log into an “Out of Office” UI form modified by Design Studio (I usually use WFWK.2) and enter their proxy approver. When they click submit then an OoO service is triggered.

The OoO flow file will add a new Task to that approver and place itself into a UserAction with one available Action – ‘Turn off Out of Office’. Once that is selected the “Out of Office” task is removed and the WorkUnit closed.

The separate approval flow (like for Personnel Actions) would have to query open WorkUnits to see if the pending approver has an open “Out of Office” WorkUnit and read the proxy user id variable. That variable value would be used in the UserAction so both the original approver and the proxy approver are both represented.

The UserAction would also have to be set to “Any Approver Takes Action” so the WorkUnit Metrics records will close correctly once either approver has taken action.