Change the System Reference in Design Studio

A couple of years ago I referenced how to Drill Down from another form in Design Studio and I recently had to revisit this option.

When I have to create a custom form, I often just use WFWK.2 as a blank template and build the form, adding the labels, fields and buttons I want to use.

Most of the time this meets my need, unless I need to include a list of employees.

I was able to pull in the Company and Employee fields with their key numbers from HR11 but the select field still wouldn't find any matching employee records. I realized that if I went into the Source of my form and changed the reference to System="HR" that the select field now worked.

Since I'm just using WFWK.2 as a blank template I didn't need to retain the default System="WF" reference.

What a nice work around!