Requisition Approval - Skip Levels

One of my clients wanted 6 approval levels but didn't have 6 approvers in each approval path. That wasn't too difficult to design in ProcessFlow; we simply looked up whether or not an approver was assigned at each level and skipped it when no one was assigned to it.

We had a further challenge when we realized that several approvers were also requesters. We didn't want the requester/approver's requisition to have to be approved at a level below (or by) the requester so we checked first whether a requester was an approver and at what level. We then skipped past that level to the next level up.

We then had to account for those levels we skipped and the authority limits of the approvers.

For example, if a requisition was approved at the first level but there wasn't a 2nd level we had to track the "approved at" level to determine whether or not the requisition needed to go to the 3rd level. If the requisition's value exceeds the level 1 approver but not the level 2 approver it would still go to the level 3 approver since no one was assigned to level 2. If however the requisition fell within the level 1 approver's authority limit then no other approval would be required.