ProcessFlow Admin for non-PF people

My client doesn't have a ProcessFlow Admin yet so they needed a way for Purchasing to update the Approver setup without going into the ProcessFlow Admin Tool.

We modified the WFWK.2 form to make it easier to submit one of two flows to either replace an Approver or to add vacation coverage for an Approver.

In one the user can enter the Id of an Approver who is gone and the Id of the person replacing them. The flow will look up all of the Tasks of the old approver and the category filtering for each task and delete these from them and add them to the new approver. The flow also updates Lawson Security (Resource Update node) with the email of the new approver and sets the WFUser flag to "1" so the Inbasket will display.

The 2nd option is for vacation coverage. The user will enter the Id of the person going on vacation and the person covering for them. The flow will build the Task/Category Filter as needed for the coverage approver with the start and stop dates of the vacationer.

If, however, the coverage approver is already an approver then you know that you can't add the same Task a 2nd time (if the Approver is "Level1" you can't add a 2nd "Level1" with start and stop dates). To account for this we built the flow so that it would add the category filter items to the existing ones and create a new "Vacation" Inbasket Task.

Once the vacationing approver is back the coverage approver will go into this Vacation Inbasket and select "End Coverage". The flow will then remove the category filter items from their existing ones and remove the Vacation Task from their Inbasket.