Infor Federation Services - Are you a User?

We previously discussed Role Management but this time we're interested in User Management. Users are updated in the system(s) by the Security User Master (SUM) BOD but where do you maintain those users and their roles?

Within Ming.le you would access the User Management menu (click the Person icon in the upper right of your screen for the available menus).

Search for the User you wish to maintain and click the User Details link to open that user

Within the User, you can assign the Roles you want this user to have for the various Infor systems.

Click the + icon to add a new Role to the current user

The Logical ID identifies what system(s) are associated to each Role. In an ideal world, each role would be linked to one Logical ID, but you can tie more than one role to a system (see Role Management).

Check the box for the Role(s) you wish to add and click Add & Close (or Add if you need to add more roles on a different page). Once you've saved the User updates the SUM BOD will be triggered. This BOD will update the User's Roles in each system required.

Once the User receives access to a system, that system's icon will be available to them in the App Switcher menu.

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