Design Studio - Source Code Changes

I'd had some fun recently creating some cool forms with Design Studio. I've mentioned some of the stuff that I've been able to do, but I thought I'd give a brief list of changes I've made within the Source tab to meet my clients needs.

Custom HR11 form - change the Title
My client didn't want the form's title to display "Employee" so I went into the Source tab, found the Title reference and changed it.

Custom GL41 form - Release button
Due to how a JE with Activities processes, the client didn't want to use Lawson's standard ProcessFlow approval triggers. Now we are going to Submit the form for approval and have ProcessFlow Release the record after the approvals are complete. I found the reference for the Release button within the Source code and changed it so it would display Submit.
//Disp="R" nm="Submit" value="R" nbr="_l19" id="button9" visible="0"
Of course I used the OnBeforeTransaction(fc) function and if fc=="R" I triggered ProcessFlow instead of allowing the Release to take place.

Custom GM65 form - change the Select list values
This client didn't like the descriptions associated to the values within Lawson's standard status list. Rather than delete Lawson's select list and add a new one and then use a lot of scripting to tie them together, I simply found the list within the Source code and changed the display values.
//Disp="1" Tran="1" id="vals1" nbr="_l16" Calculated
//Disp="2" Tran="2" id="vals2" nbr="_l17" Released
//Disp="3" Tran="3" id="vals3" nbr="_l18" Not Used
//Disp="4" Tran="4" id="vals4" nbr="_l19" Certified

Custom WFWK form - change the System value
When I have to create a new form I will sometimes start with one of these little used WFWK .1, .2 or .3 forms as a blank template. In order to include the ability to add a standard Lawson lookup list I change the System associated to my form from "WF" to the system my drop down list is associated to from within the Source.