Design Studio - Drill down from another form

A client wanted to customize their AR09-Customer Group Address form so that they could add the AR10-Customer record at the same time. To do this we needed to add ten fields from AR10 onto the AR09 form.

Adding ten textbox fields to AR09 and then including an AGS call to add the AR10 record (after the AR09 Add button was clicked) wasn't too difficult. I didn't need to store those values, just have the textbox fields available on the form.

What made this interesting was the need to drill down on those new fields to look up the values available from the AR10 form. At first I 'borrowed' a technique I'd seen another consultant use - a custom search window with a DME call to return the values and allow the user to select the one they wanted.

This wasn't practical however when there were 1000's of records to page through so I decided to experiment and try to duplicate Lawson's drill down function on these textbox fields.

I discovered that if I added 'keynbr' and 'hsel' values to the Source code for each of the textbox fields that I could add Lawson's drill down function to them.

I created a QuickPaint of the AR10 form to look up the keynbr values for each of the fields I wanted to include on AR09 and then added those values to my textbox fields.

For example for the Default Code field I added keynbr="M4" & hsel="1" to the Source line for the "text29" textbox field and the drill down was now available. For each of the other fields I added the correct keynbr and the hsel="1" value as well.

I could now drill down for values from a different form than the one I was viewing.