ProcessFlow Approval Views

If you're using Design Studio, you can use the formlet tool in the Portal Page design to display the requisition (RQ10) form for approval review instead of building an HTML page to display.
However, if you're like my current client you don't want to click around so much to get to the information you want. We went through various designs and finally came up with one they liked.
Stage 1: Create a modified RQ10 and take away buttons, tabs and fields the approver doesn't need.
Stage 2: Use a reformatted RQ10 Header only and use a Data Query to display the line detail.
Stage 3: Use a reformatted RQ10 Header and a TextArea to write information extracted from DME calls and the getattachrec.exe program for comments so that you can display information from multiple tables.

It's like I always say, you are only limited by your imagination (for the most part).