My current client is implementing 9.0 and I wanted to use some of my previous ProcessFlow solutions for them, but most of my files are 8.03 .flo files.

Lawson does have a program to convert 8.03 flow files to 9.0 but they won't tell you how to use this program unless you've gone through the migration to 9.0 technical training. I haven't taken this training so I had to find a resource who had and was willing to share information.

The following instructions are a variation of Lawson's instructions. You will use the DEV product line in the Perl command instead of the 8.03 product line that Lawson's instructions say to use since if you're implementing 9.0 you won't have an 8.03 product line. Also, you will have to take the .xml files created and re-upload them into Lawson via the ProcessFlow Designer.

Create a directory: mkdir $GENDIR/ug81/803flows and copy your .flo files into that directory.
Change to the migration directory: cd $GENDIR/ug81
Run the flow conversion script:Perl DEV dir $GENDIR/ug81/803flows >pflowtoxml.log 2>&1

After running, check the pflowtoxml.log file for any conversion errors and the location of the revised files.

This program will write your revised .xml flow files to the pfrepository directory but you will have to transfer them to your workstation and upload them via the ProcessFlow Designer (after making any needed changes) since you're not actually converting to 9.0 and the system won't recognize the flows unless you upload them this way.