If your users don't get their notifications from your ProcessFlow UserAction, check your log. If the log contains the following error when sending a notification within your UserAction check your Mail_From setting on RD00. This error occurs when you don't have a value in your mail from.
ErrorLog in Process : level1_V1 WorkUnit : 999, ActivityType=UA, ActivityName=UserAction3100, ActivityId=UA164142609350 Date:08/16/2006 Time:16:41:05 Error while executing UserAction activity java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: null source Stack Trace : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: null source at java.util.EventObject.(EventObject.java(Inlined Compiled Code)) at com.lawson.javaworkflow.processflow.workFlow.flowGraph.LogEvent.(LogEvent.java(Inlined Compiled Code)) at com.lawson.javaworkflow.processflow.workFlow